Bunker Bay 3As the new season approaches, many of us are wondering if it’s the right time to get our windows clean. There is no perfect time to get your windows clean, so they say – as long as you want them to be clean, you can do it anytime. However, you know that is not what you want to hear. You want to know when is the perfect time for two reasons:

  • How long the windows will stay clean
  • To get the most out of your money when you pay for cleaning

Homeowners may have different reasons for cleaning their windows, but all of them want to make sure that they are paying for something that can give them the most benefit. So, it is winter and the windows are dirty. Should you have them cleaned then?

Cleaning windows in winter?

Bunker Bay 1Winter is usually everyone’s least favourite time of the year when it comes to window cleaning. We have the impression that window cleaning is not possible during the winter. And if it is, who can appreciate a clean window during winter? No one, since people will spend their time inside. So, what’s the use of cleaning your windows on winter? You’d be surprised to know that window cleaning during winter has its benefits too which includes:

  • Avoids salt build up that could damage you window
  • Good impression for holiday homes / businesses /rentals
  • Good for general maintenance
  • With less dust in air and rainfall, your windows stays cleaner for longer
  • You get shorter wait time when scheduling

And oh, you get more light when days are shorter and brighter. Having clean windows can significantly brighten up your home so you can take advantage of the sunlight hours.

Bunker bay 2Is it worth getting my windows cleaned as winter is coming?

Yes. Now that winter is coming and you find that your windows need to be cleaned, contact Modern Window Cleaning. There’s no need to wait for spring before cleaning your windows, call us today, we are at your service any time!