Picture this. You’re in a shopping complex and there are two stores opposite each other. One has lovely, crystal clear glass windows; you can see right through to the shop interior and its products, its lighting and its staff. The other store offers the same products, competitively priced, but you wouldn’t know that because you […]

There a so many jobs in life that we think can be done ourselves, but are better left to the experts. Let’s face it, these jobs are the ones we never get around to doing anyway! Window cleaning, especially the tougher, higher windows, is one of these jobs. Clean windows are vital for so many […]

Here at Modern Cleaning Windows, we often get that question from our valued customers. When we clean your windows, we do it thoroughly and make sure you get what you pay for. We use only the latest cleaning technique and the right cleaning tools. As a result, your windows still stay cleaner for longer. However, […]

Having a clean window is a must. It can make your home appear cleaner and your workplace / home or rental look smart and more accommodating. Considering on getting a window cleaner to do your regular window cleaning task? Before hiring, do you know what to ask? Hire the right window cleaner When you look […]