Whether you need regular window cleaning or an annual spring clean, Modern WINDOW CLEANING is the perfect place to get your windows cleaned. We clean all window types of windows even multi storey windows and mostly from the ground. 5 reasons why Modern WINDOW CLEANING is the best: Trained Flexible Insured Reach & Wash – […]

Christmas is coming and you are having the family over. Doing the vacuuming, cleaning the linen but what about the windows? Window cleaning can be a tough job – no one wants to do it. It’s even worse if you have a two storey house because cleaning your windows can be dangerous too. That is […]

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a crystal clear summer day through your window? You will get the best view through your windows if they are streak free and clean. Haven’t got time Windows too dirty Windows too high? Call in a professional window cleaner. Professional window cleaners know what needs to be done to […]