Gable windows can be difficult to clean with many angles and you may have unusual shaped pieces of glass. When cleaning these types of windows, it is best to call in the professionals. A professional window cleaner has the proper tools and skills to ensure you get a quality clean which is done safety. Why […]

Whether you need regular window cleaning or an annual spring clean, Modern WINDOW CLEANING is the perfect place to get your windows cleaned. We clean all window types of windows even multi storey windows and mostly from the ground. 5 reasons why Modern WINDOW CLEANING is the best: Trained Flexible Insured Reach & Wash – […]

Check out Modern WINDOW CLEANING’s Reach & Wash in Dunsborough Reach & Wash in action at a local Dunsborough resort. Reach & Wash is perfect for the Busselton Dunsborough region because we can wash high windows from the ground. We can you this pure water technology in conjunction with traditional window cleaning and ladders where needed. […]

Christmas is coming and you are having the family over. Doing the vacuuming, cleaning the linen but what about the windows? Window cleaning can be a tough job – no one wants to do it. It’s even worse if you have a two storey house because cleaning your windows can be dangerous too. That is […]

The easiest way is to hire and professional window cleaner and here is why: Get a professional window cleaner Right equipment Insured and trained Clean high windows from the ground Get a professional window cleaner Cleaning windows can be challenging for you and high windows can be dangerous. Don’t risk it with high windows, get […]

Sleepy Sunday morning in downtown Bunbury, check out the view, not a person insight. Modern WINDOW CLEANING are high above the city streets cleaning commercial windows to keep your view crystal clear. Why use Modern WINDOW CLEANING for your commercial window cleaning? Flexible After Hours Cleaning Available Fully Trained Years of Experience Flexible At Modern […]