Residential Living Room WindowsHaving a clean window is a must. It can make your home appear cleaner and your workplace / home or rental look smart and more accommodating. Considering on getting a window cleaner to do your regular window cleaning task? Before hiring, do you know what to ask?

Hire the right window cleaner

When you look around, you’ll realise there are many window cleaners you can hire – this makes the choosing part even harder. It’s crucial for you to hire the right window cleaner to do the job because you want the best results. When looking for the right window cleaners, here are some questions you can ask to improve your chance of hiring the right one.

Are they insured?

Make sure that you only do business with an insured company. Cleaning high windows is always a risk and if an accident was to occur, you want peace of mind that the cleaner and your property is covered. Always enquire about insurance before hiring.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING best residential window cleaner in BunburyHow long have you been in the business?

Anyone with a cloth can clean windows but are they professional? Only do business with the professionals as they know how to clean properly. Beware of window cleaners that ask for cash only jobs or simply complete a bit of a background check prior to hiring. Also, check that they are a member of Australian Window Cleaning Federation, Modern WINDOW CLEANING are.

Do you do background check and drug testing?

Window cleaners will be in and out of your home – it would make you feel at ease if you know that you are hiring a company that provides not only experienced and professional cleaners but are also trustworthy people.

Do you have some references?

Ask for references where you can check and assess the company’s service before hiring them. If they’ve been in the industry for a long time and have been providing quality service, they’ll be happy to give you references. Do a bit of homework.

Questions to ask before hiring a window cleaner

Do yourself a favour and ask these questions – a few questions can go a long way in making sure your windows are not just clean but your property is safe too! For your window cleaning needs, contact Modern WINDOW CLEANING. We offer both residential and commercial window cleaning services using only the latest cleaning technique and tools. Ring Modern WINDOW CLEANING today and let’s discuss your cleaning needs.