If you are looking for window cleaning in south west from Harvey right through to Yallingup Modern WINDOW CLEANING are perfect for you.

We clean windows, big windows, small windows, high windows, low windows, your windows. Residental, commerical, holiday homes, shop, business premises, windows cleaning or your needs.

Here is some great views we  have a  had recently on a job at Eagle Bay.

Eagle Bay Views Window Cleaning Eagle Bay Views Window Cleaning



Busselton Sunrise - up early window cleaning in BusseltonLooking for expert high window cleaners? Modern WINDOW CLEANING is your best choice. We offer Reach & Wash window cleaning system to suit your needs.

We clean windows in Busselton, Eagle Bay, Yallingup, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Bunbury and surrounds. All of these places that have high hard to get to windows!

Flexible hours, check out the Busselton sunrise – up early window cleaning.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING have a great system called Reach & Wash which can be used by itself without ladders or in combination with window cleaning from ladders depending on your situation and need.

Easy and effective cleaning method

Modern WINDOW CLEANING offers the Reach & Wash technique to clean high windows up to 4 storeys high that is approximately 12.5 metres. No need to use Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) or scaffolding to reach high windows, perfect to give your windows fabulous look that saves you money.

Reasons to get Reach & Wash for high windows:

  1. Easy and effective cleaning method
  2. Safe and affordable
  3. Healthy and hygienic
  4. No chemicals or detergents

Safe and affordable

If you have inaccessible areas that normally need a EWP we can clean your windows without the added expensive of hiring an EWP with our Reach & Wash cleaning system. Forget about ladders if your sit is sloping, no risk to our  cleaners. Reach & Wash cleaning system ensures high safety as it eliminates danger of ladders, giving you a peace of mind.

We can clean your external glass, frames and sills directly from the ground without the need for ladders.

Healthy and hygienic

Using only 100% pure water, you can ensure that no streaks or smudges will be left on the windows. According to study, pure water is the universal solvent so you can ensure hygienic and healthy benefits when it is used as cleaner. Reach & Wash is incredibly the safest cleaning method you can ever give your high windows.

No chemicals or detergents

Reach & Wash is amazingly the most environmental friendly window cleaning system you can ever have. We don’t use chemicals or detergents. Using a four stage filtration process, contaminates will no longer exist in the water making the water 100% pure.

During the cleaning process, any dirt or contaminating particles will be absorbed into the water then washed away in the final rinse. Using Reach & Wash system, we can ensure you spotlessly clean windows you will really love forever.

Cleaning High Windows without Ladders in Busselton and surrounds.

In Eagle Bay, Busselton, Yallingup, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Bunbury and surrounds we clean all type of windows, looking for window cleaning contact Modern WINDOW CLEANING on 0437 882 741.Book your appointment today.


Rainbow to your dreams. Book your window cleaning. This is Yallingup

Rainbow to your dreams. Book your window cleaning

Modern WINDOW CLEANING – we clean windows everywhere.

From Preston Beach to August, we can you windows everywhere.
Residental, commercial, holiday rentals we can clean your windows for you.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING, we service all of the south west,

  • Preston Beach
  • Harvey
  • Bunbury
  • Eaton
  • Australind
  • Clifton Park
  • Gelorup
  • Dalyellup
  • Peppermint Grove
  • Capel
  • Misty Bunker Bay, Views while window cleaning

    Misty Bunker Bay, great place for window cleaning

  • Wonnerup
  • Busselton
  • Dunsborough
  • Bunkers Bay
  • Margaret River
  • Yallingup
  • Eagle Bay
  • Augusta

Book your window cleaning service in the south west today with
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Busselton, cleaning windows before opening time.

Busselton, cleaning windows before opening time.

Preston Beach Views while window cleaning, residental, commerical, holiday rentals, all window cleaning.

Preston Beach. We clean residental, commerical, holiday rentals, all window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Cold Morning

Window Cleaning Cold Morning

If you think hard water is the best cleaning solution for windows? Think again. While water can be a cleaning solution, it can also cause several problems. Did you know that hard water can damage your windows?

How can hard water damage to your windows?

Hard water deposits are derived from water that contains a high mineral content – usually consisting of magnesium and calcium along with other compounds. These minerals are dissolved into the water as it passes through the ground. If you use hard water to clean, when it evaporates it leaves behind these deposits on your windows. They then start to build up and might be hard to notice at first.

Eventually, these deposits will create a thick layer of crust. Once this build-up continues, it can give your windows a hazy, blurry, bullet sprayed like appearance.

Delights Window Cleaning Sunset

Delights Window Cleaning Sunset

Mineral deposits are easy to get rid of but when left unattended for a long period; they will slowly etch into the glass of your window. Once this happens, it can be impossible to remove the spots without further damage to your windows.


Hard water can damage your windows!

This is the main reason why it’s important to hire an expert window cleaner to attend to your window needs. You might not be able to notice the hard water spots or be able to remove them safely. A professional windows cleaner has the experience and equipment that allows them to spot any deposits on your windows early and remove them. Do not let hard water damage your windows – remove any deposits as early as possible and let the specialists do it properly! See our Pure Water technology for more information.

MODERN Window Cleaning

Got hard water spots? Contact MODERN Window Cleaning for all your window cleaning needs. We offer hard water stain removal no matter what stage of damage your windows are at. We also offer preventative maintenance to provide extra protection for your windows against stains and spots in the future. Ring Peter today and book an appointment.

Eagle Bay Views while window cleaningDo you worry that every time it rains that your windows are going to end up dirty? Well no need to worry, rain does many things but it won’t make a clean window dirty. It may make a dirty window look worse, but only if it is unclean to start with. Actually, rain keeps clean windows cleaner for longer.

How rainwater keeps your windows clean

Ground water contains minerals and chemicals that are not found in rainwater. This is the main reason why when using ground water, you have to dry your windows thoroughly or it will leave spots. This is because when the ground water evaporates, the chemicals and other substances are left behind, leaving white spots on your windows.

On the other hand, rainwater is pure and will not leave spots when it dries – unless your window is already dirty to begin with! Regular rainwater can keep your windows cleaner for a longer period of time because it helps keep dirt and pollen from accumulating on the glass. If there is no dirt on your windows, rainwater will not create any spots at all. The key here is to have your windows clean so you don’t have to worry about window spots and dirt every time it rains.

Bunker Bay Views while window cleaningSo, it is safe to say that a clean window and a regular rain shower can let you have cleaner windows. Take a look at your windows exposed to the rain and those that are not. Those that are not exposed are generally dirtier.

Does rainwater makes your windows dirty?

The answer is no. Rainwater doesn’t make your windows dirty – in fact, it can keep your windows cleaner for longer.

If you are in a salty environment then the wind can blow in the salt and make your windows dirty.

At Modern Window Cleaning we use pure water technology to give you the very best result in cleaning your windows. For cleaner windows, contact Modern Window Cleaning. We offer the latest window cleaning methods. Ring us today for a free quote.

Eagle Bay High Gable WindowsClean windows add brightness to a home – even your office!  With clean windows, it feels like the heat and light of the sun can enter easily. It also creates the impression of a clean home and smear free windows and make the view outside even more inviting.  To get sparkling clean windows, it takes a bit of work and a simple crash course on knowing the most common window cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Is there such a thing as cleaning mistakes?

Yes there is. It is because in our eagerness to attempt to clean our windows; we actually end up doing it the wrong way and we can even damage the glass or parts around the window. Read on to discover the top 4 most common window cleaning mistakes you might already be making.

  1. Ignoring the weather
  2. You don’t address deposits in your main cleaning process
  3. Using the wrong cloth
  4. Trying to do too much at a time

Ignoring the weather

Don’t be tempted to clean your glass windows on a bright sunny day, because you’re likely to end up with smears everywhere, as the cleaning solution will dry too fast. Also, don’t clean your window exterior just before the rain comes. You are just wasting your effort for a short term result – when the rain comes and goes, so does your clean window! That is why professional window cleaners start so early to avoid the hottest part of the day.

You don’t address deposits in your main cleaning process

When cleaning deposits off your windows, such as a bird droppings, dirt, salt and grime; clean it as you would clean a stain in your carpet. Don’t waste a whole bunch of cleaning solution. Instead, just spot clean the area. Spray a little cleaning solution and lift the deposit away. Paper towel is recommended, as you can easily dispose of when you are done.

Using the wrong cloth

Use sponges, micro fibre or chamois cloth to achieve better results. Do not use lint based cloth or paper towel (other than spot cleaning) as these cleaners, these will leave fibres all over your window!

Trying to do too much at a time

If you have lots of windows, clean them one by one, one at a time. It’s better to have less clean, but all matching windows rather than having many half clean windows. If you don’t want to spend hours of your time, if you don’t have the expertise or equipment; call in the professionals to get a fabulous job done quickly.

Hiring a professional window cleaner will save you time and money in the long run.

For all your window cleaning needs, contact MODERN WINDOW CLEANING . We offer cleaning services using only the top quality cleaning methods and tools.

MODERN WINDOW CLEANING – A professional service with Premium Result.

We service all of the south west, Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Yallingup, Eagle Bay, Augusta, Harvey, Dalyellup, book your window cleaning service today. Call Peter on 0437 882 741.

Want great window cleaning call MODERN Window CleaningThinking of hiring a window cleaner to clean your dirty windows? Great but are you worried about the horror stories you’ve heard about window cleaning companies? You want to make sure you are spending your money on a high quality service.

Window cleaners are professional and they are trained to clean your windows using the right cleaning technique and tools. If you are careful when hiring, you’ll find out that hiring a window cleaner will be the wisest decision you’ll ever make – and you can thank yourself later!

Here are 3 myths that are untrue.

Window cleaners only clean window exteriors

This is not true!  Window cleaners can clean both inside and out. Otherwise, you can ask them to pay only half the prices since its only half cleaned. In fact, window cleaners can also clean skylights, shutters and even chandeliers if you want. Mention these items when you get a quote.

All window cleaning products cleaners used are the same

Professional window cleaning have used a lot of cleaning products in the past and will surely know which will work best for your windows. It is not just a cleaning job for them but more like a restoration job – they’ll restore your window back to its former state.

You could do the cleaning better than a professional cleaner

Anyone can clean a window but only a professional cleaner can make your windows appear like new – clear, residue free windows you can enjoy for a long time. Try cleaning a window and see the result – it’s a good way to bust your myth actually!

3 window cleaning myths you should know!

For a fabulous job every time, get your windows cleaned by Modern Window Cleaning. We can even clean 2 storey windows from the ground. Call Modern Window Cleaning today for all your window cleaning.

Reach & Wash in action in DunsboroughCheck out Modern WINDOW CLEANING’s Reach & Wash in Dunsborough

Reach & Wash in action at a local Dunsborough resort.

Reach & Wash is perfect for the Busselton Dunsborough region because we can wash high windows from the ground. We can you this pure water technology in conjunction with traditional window cleaning and ladders where needed.

We clean windows throughout the South West – Yallingup, Margaret River, Busselton, Dunsborough to Augusta right through to  Harvey, Bunbury, Eaton, Australind, including Treendale & Kingston,  Capel and surrounds.

Call Peter on 0437 882 741 for more information.Reach & Wash in action in Dunsborough.



Window Cleaning in the South West

Window Cleaning at Bunker Bay near Busselton and Dunsborough. Flexible Hours. We often see the sunrise.

Grimy windows are really an eyesore to your guests and can spoil your view. It is best to keep your windows clean and create that wow factor all the time. Salt spray and dirt blown in on the breeze is a constant problem in Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River and Yallingup Areas.

Benefits of cleaning windows regularly

  1. Elegant look all the time
  2. Let in more sunlight
  3. Prolong lifespan

Elegant look all the time

Claim that magnificent first impression from your guests with your clean windows. Having well-maintained, clean windows can make your house or business property look new and attractive. Clean windows will showcase your view, whether it is a view to our garden that you have worked hard on or across the bay. By simply cleaning your windows regularly provides a nice ambience to your home. Removing all the salt and dirt will almost benefit your frames and allow them to last longer.

Window Cleaning at Bunker bay near Busselton and Dunsborough.

Window Cleaning at Bunker bay near Busselton and Dunsborough. The sun is coming up.

Let in more sunlight

Never limit the amount of sunlight that enters your room by having dirty windows. With existing smudges and dirt stains on windows, you are blocking out the precious sunlight, making your area look dimmer and smaller. Let in more sunlight by cleaning your windows making your room brighter and wider, giving your guests a peace of mind.

Lack of direct sunlight can increase the chances mildew build-up on your window sills especially in winter. In WA, especially in Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River and Yallingup Areas, we are so loucky to have lovely Spring sunlight so let it in and let nature keep your home fresh.

Prolong lifespan

Extend the life of your windows by cleaning them regularly.

How often should I clean my windows in Busselton, Dunsborough?

Regularly, exactly how often depends on where you live and what time of conditions you have. An annual professional clean is always a great idea. The professional are quick and can get right to the top of all those hard to reach areas.

Not satisfied with your job?

Windows too high to reach?

Don’t have the time (or would rather do something else)?

Call in the professionals to help you with your window cleaning needs, residential, commercial and holiday proprieties, perfect to save you time and money.

Contact Modern WINDOW CLEANING we are your window cleaning professionals servicing Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Yallingup, Bunbury, Harvey, Australind, Eaton, Treendale, Kingston, Dalyellup, Capel areas.

Ring Peter on 0437 882 741 to book an appointment now to get your windows professionally cleaned. Regular cleaning, holiday window clean, annual window cleaning, vacate window cleaning, commercial windows, if you need window cleaning Modern WINDOW CLEANING are the people for you.

Christmas Window Cleaning - Modern Window CleaningChristmas is coming and you are having the family over. Doing the vacuuming, cleaning the linen but what about the windows?

Window cleaning can be a tough job – no one wants to do it.
It’s even worse if you have a two storey house because cleaning your windows can be dangerous too.

That is why; it’s a good idea to hire a window cleaning professionals to do the cleaning for you. Window cleaners can make your glass gleam again and ready for your guests to admire the view of your backyard or beyond.

How much does window cleaning cost?

Generally the cost of window cleaning is charged on the amount of work that needs to be done.

  1. Number of windows. The more windows that needs cleaned, the more time it will take the cleaner so the larger amount you will expect to pay.
  2. Ease of access. For hard to reach areas, window cleaners might require to use ladders and other special tools. The difficult to clean the area, the higher the cleaning cost will be.
  3. Other required services. If screens have to be removed and replaced etc.

Modern Window Cleaning can clean high windows from the ground which often alleviated the need for ladders or EWP hire and makes cleaning your windows quicker and cheaper. See Reach & Wash for more information.

Need window cleaning?

Windows can make your home brighter and beautiful, keep them clean by hiring a window cleaner. For your window cleaning needs, contact Modern Window Cleaning. We offer cleaning services for both commercial and residential. We service in Bunbury, Busselton. Margaret River, Dunsborough, Eaton, Australind, Capel and all areas in between. Book your appointment now and be ready for Christmas.