Bunbury Window CleaningPicture this. You’re in a shopping complex and there are two stores opposite each other. One has lovely, crystal clear glass windows; you can see right through to the shop interior and its products, its lighting and its staff. The other store offers the same products, competitively priced, but you wouldn’t know that because you can’t see past the filthy window glass and dirty frames to step foot inside.

Clean windows bring customers, but who has time to clean glass when they’re trying to run a business? While you might think the investment in a quality commercial window cleaner is an expense your growing business cannot afford, here are some reasons as to why you really can’t afford not to!

4 reasons to have your commercial windows cleaned

  • First Impressions Last
  • Clean Work Space = Healthy Work Space
  • Right Person for the Job
  • Safety and Maintenance

Want great window cleaning call MODERN Window CleaningFirst Impressions Last

Sparkling clean windows create a positive impression and impressions matter in business. The ‘face’ of an office or shop-front is reflected in its windows, and their cleanliness (or lack thereof) is an indication of the office/shop standard. Give the best first impression possible!

Clean Work Space = Healthy Work Space

A clean space is a healthy space, especially when it comes to allergens in the air. Windows, frames, sills, panes and screens can all be home to an abundance of bacteria, dirt and mould that is definitely not conducive to a healthy work environment. Indoor air quality impacts both workers and customer health, comfort and ability to interact, with temperature control, ventilation and grime exposure all amongst the contributing factors to creating an enjoyable work environment. Remove these indoor contaminants by cleaning the windows and you provide the best work space for your staff and the best business space for your clients.

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning from the groundRight Person for the Job

You wouldn’t ask a barista to service your car, so don’t ask your staff to clean the windows. Commercial window cleaning is a specialised responsibility and carries with it its own risks and regulations. Asking your staff to clean the windows when they have other tasks to perform decreases productivity and takes away focus from their designated tasks, so keep your targets on track and leave the big jobs to the professionals.

Safety and Maintenance

If you can see out of, or in through, a window, you’ll see what’s coming or where you are going. Simple safety. Hiring commercial window cleaners to clean your business windows not only ensures the safety of your staff and your clients, but it meets the proper maintenance requirements of operating a business and meeting lease requirements. The use of professionals also means the job is performed correctly and within safety standards.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING services are a prime solution for all your commercial window cleaning needs. Enhance your business ‘face’ and call us today on 0437 882 741.

window cleaningThere a so many jobs in life that we think can be done ourselves, but are better left to the experts. Let’s face it, these jobs are the ones we never get around to doing anyway! Window cleaning, especially the tougher, higher windows, is one of these jobs.

Clean windows are vital for so many of life’s little pleasures, the overall ambiance of your home and the actual upkeep of your window glass. But why hire a professional to get the job done?

Top 3 reasons to get a professional in include:

1. Protect Your Windows

Dirt and debris accumulates on window glass and surfaces, which can result in irreversible scratching and damage over time. Modern WINDOW CLEANING has access to all the highest quality equipment, high-powered tools and specially formulated cleaners to wash windows and prolong their crystal clear lifespan.

2. Safety First

Tall, high or expansive windows look fantastic, but can be a nightmare to clean if you don’t have the correct equipment. It also poses an obvious safety risk to yourself if you are climbing guttering or ladders to clean the glass, increasing the risk of falls or even breaking the window itself. Modern WINDOW CLEANING can provide cost effective solutions to this issue, bringing in advanced technology that makes cleaning quicker, cheaper and more environmentally (and neighbour) friendly.

Eagle Bay High Gable Windows3. Cleaner and Clearer

The biggest benefit of getting in the professional is that you know they know what they are doing. Everything from the glass to the panes and sills will be free of dirt and smell and you can be confident the job will be completed without smudges or streaks that will drive you crazy for weeks to come.

Tick another household DIY job off your list!

Why Hire An Expert To Clean My Windows?

Quick, easy and life is too short to be cleaning your own windows.

Call Modern WINDOW CLEANING today on 0437 882 741 and leave it to the professionals.

Bunker Bay 3As the new season approaches, many of us are wondering if it’s the right time to get our windows clean. There is no perfect time to get your windows clean, so they say – as long as you want them to be clean, you can do it anytime. However, you know that is not what you want to hear. You want to know when is the perfect time for two reasons:

  • How long the windows will stay clean
  • To get the most out of your money when you pay for cleaning

Homeowners may have different reasons for cleaning their windows, but all of them want to make sure that they are paying for something that can give them the most benefit. So, it is winter and the windows are dirty. Should you have them cleaned then?

Cleaning windows in winter?

Bunker Bay 1Winter is usually everyone’s least favourite time of the year when it comes to window cleaning. We have the impression that window cleaning is not possible during the winter. And if it is, who can appreciate a clean window during winter? No one, since people will spend their time inside. So, what’s the use of cleaning your windows on winter? You’d be surprised to know that window cleaning during winter has its benefits too which includes:

  • Avoids salt build up that could damage you window
  • Good impression for holiday homes / businesses /rentals
  • Good for general maintenance
  • With less dust in air and rainfall, your windows stays cleaner for longer
  • You get shorter wait time when scheduling

And oh, you get more light when days are shorter and brighter. Having clean windows can significantly brighten up your home so you can take advantage of the sunlight hours.

Bunker bay 2Is it worth getting my windows cleaned as winter is coming?

Yes. Now that winter is coming and you find that your windows need to be cleaned, contact Modern Window Cleaning. There’s no need to wait for spring before cleaning your windows, call us today, we are at your service any time!

Busso CRCIt’s time to clean your windows – again. Windows are one of the top parts inside our home that makes us happy when they are cleaned. Yes, 72 % of homeowners want to include windows to their regular cleaning tasks but fail to do so. For normal windows, cleaning is easy but how about those high windows?

It’s particularly important to clean high windows but often we overlook cleaning those windows. Maybe because they are high, we can’t see them directly? Well, you can keep ignoring your high windows but only for a short time because whether you like it or not, you have to get it clean.

High window cleaning

High windows are pretty to look at but hard to clean. Without proper cleaning skills and knowledge, you’ll find it hard to both reach and clean those windows. Mostly, we think about paying for a scaffold to be able to get it clean. Reach & Wash Window Cleaning from the groundNice idea, but can be costly. Can you clean your high windows without paying for scaffolding? Yes, you can.

Call in the help of a professional window cleaner. When in South West, contact Modern Window Cleaning. They offer professional window cleaning for both residential and commercial buildings. There is no need for you to pay for scaffolding, allowing you to save both your money and time. We can clean even the highest windows without the need of ladder, scaffold or elevated work platform. With our pure water technology of Reach & Wash, we can guarantee you sparklingly clean high windows.

How to get my high windows cleaned without paying for scaffolding?

Do you need to clean your high windows? What are you waiting for? Contact Modern Window Cleaning for all your window cleaning needs. Your windows will be clean and sparkling and your home will look and feel much brighter.
Call Modern Window Cleaning today to book your window cleaning appointment with Peter and the team on 0437 882 741.

Want great window cleaning call MODERN Window CleaningHere at Modern Cleaning Windows, we often get that question from our valued customers. When we clean your windows, we do it thoroughly and make sure you get what you pay for. We use only the latest cleaning technique and the right cleaning tools. As a result, your windows still stay cleaner for longer. However, since you want to know how often you should clean your windows, here are the first two things:

  • The area you live
  • Business / Residential / Holiday Home / Short Stay Rental
  • What your needs are
  • Your budget

These things will determine how often you should have your windows cleaned by the professionals. The busier the area, the more frequentlythe window cleaning is required. Weather is an important factor too; if your windows are constantly blasted with salt winds then you will need to have your windows cleaned more often.

Budget on the other hand, plays an important role. If budget is not a problem, you can have your windows cleaned more regularly.

Apart from these things, here are a few tips on how regularly you should have your windows cleaned:

Homes – Most customers get their windows cleaned once a month but then again, if you live in a city or there is a lot of traffic, you might want them cleaned more often.

Offices – In general, most offices get their windows cleaned once every six months –especially if the office is located in a less busy area.

Shops – Unlike homes and offices, shops need to have clean windows due to the presentation, especially for the likes of a jewellery store to attract customers. Shop windows are required to be cleaned at least once a week.

Restaurants – This is a place where cleanliness is very important – including windows. For a restaurant located in a busy street, it should be cleaned one to two times a week.

Rental and Short Stay accommodation –  these types of properties need to been cleaned more often.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

If you are not sure how often you should have your windows cleaned, contact Modern Window Cleaning. Call Peter today on 0437 882 741 and let’s discuss your cleaning needs.


Residential Living Room WindowsHaving a clean window is a must. It can make your home appear cleaner and your workplace / home or rental look smart and more accommodating. Considering on getting a window cleaner to do your regular window cleaning task? Before hiring, do you know what to ask?

Hire the right window cleaner

When you look around, you’ll realise there are many window cleaners you can hire – this makes the choosing part even harder. It’s crucial for you to hire the right window cleaner to do the job because you want the best results. When looking for the right window cleaners, here are some questions you can ask to improve your chance of hiring the right one.

Are they insured?

Make sure that you only do business with an insured company. Cleaning high windows is always a risk and if an accident was to occur, you want peace of mind that the cleaner and your property is covered. Always enquire about insurance before hiring.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING best residential window cleaner in BunburyHow long have you been in the business?

Anyone with a cloth can clean windows but are they professional? Only do business with the professionals as they know how to clean properly. Beware of window cleaners that ask for cash only jobs or simply complete a bit of a background check prior to hiring. Also, check that they are a member of Australian Window Cleaning Federation, Modern WINDOW CLEANING are.

Do you do background check and drug testing?

Window cleaners will be in and out of your home – it would make you feel at ease if you know that you are hiring a company that provides not only experienced and professional cleaners but are also trustworthy people.

Do you have some references?

Ask for references where you can check and assess the company’s service before hiring them. If they’ve been in the industry for a long time and have been providing quality service, they’ll be happy to give you references. Do a bit of homework.

Questions to ask before hiring a window cleaner

Do yourself a favour and ask these questions – a few questions can go a long way in making sure your windows are not just clean but your property is safe too! For your window cleaning needs, contact Modern WINDOW CLEANING. We offer both residential and commercial window cleaning services using only the latest cleaning technique and tools. Ring Modern WINDOW CLEANING today and let’s discuss your cleaning needs.

Eagle Bay High Gable Windows
Eagle Bay High Gable Windows Gable windows can be difficult to clean with many angles and you may have unusual shaped pieces of glass. When cleaning these types of windows, it is best to call in the professionals. A professional window cleaner has the proper tools and skills to ensure you get a quality clean which is done safety.

Why get a professional to clean your high windows?

  1. Clean from the ground
  2. Use the right tools
  3. Know how
  4. Saves time

Clean from the ground

The best way to avoid unwanted accidents is to clean high windows from the ground. Cleaning windows without using elevated work platform or risky ladders can give you a peace of mind. Professional window cleaners like Modern WIINDOW CLEANING have advanced technology and can clean many high windows from the ground.

Cleaning windows from the ground will result in less disruption to your neighbours, quicker and cheaper than bring in equipment.

Use the right tools

Use the right tools for the job.

Pure water technology is perfect to achieve a spotless clean window, especially high windows. The pure water system doesn’t use detergents so you get a streak free result everytime. How can only pure water give such a superior clean, ask Modern WINDOW CLEANING and book your appointment, you won’t be disappointed.

Know how

Cleaning high gable windows can be challenging for you, that is why it really is worth calling in a professional window cleaner. We have the training, experience and insurance in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

Saves time

Calling in a professional, saves you time and money in the long run. We can even clean your windows when you are not there.

How to clean high gable windows?

Simply don’t risk it by trying to clean high windows yourself. Call in Modern WIINDOW CLEANING. Ring Peter on 0437 882 741 to book your cleaning appointment. We offer a wide range services for your window cleaning solutions for residential, commercial, retail, holiday homes, restaurants, you name it and we can clean your windows!.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING best residential window cleaner in Bunbury Whether you need regular window cleaning or an annual spring clean, Modern WINDOW CLEANING is the perfect place to get your windows cleaned.

We clean all window types of windows even multi storey windows and mostly from the ground.

5 reasons why Modern WINDOW CLEANING is the best:

  1. Trained
  2. Flexible
  3. Insured
  4. Reach & Wash – cleaning high windows from the ground
  5. Pure Water Technology – no chemicals


Modern WINDOW CLEANING gets regular trainings, keep up with the latest technologies and techniques to give you quality service you deserve. We pride ourselves as one of the only members of AWCF (Australian Window Cleaning Federation) in WA, ensuring you outstanding results that will suit your exact needs.

We are qualified window cleaners that specialise in giving you the best job possible.


We respect your time and can make an appointment time that suits you.


Modern WINDOW CLEANING are fully insured and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong you have peace of mind.

Reach & Wash

With our reach & wash system we can clean most high windows from the ground without ladders or the need to hire expensive Elevated Work Platforms. We can clean awkwardly positioned windows that would normally be very difficult to clean.

Pure Water Technology

Pure water is a system that allows us to removes all impurities and minerals found in standard tap water so we use only 100% pure water which means you get a perfect streak free clean everytime without using chemicals.

Who is the best residential window cleaner in Bunbury?

Without a doubt, Modern WINDOW CLEANING is your best choice.

We also offer window cleaning services for commercial, schools and resorts, shopping centres, etc. Call Peter and the team on 0437 882 741 to book your appointment and discuss your needs today.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING in South WestYes, Modern WINDOW CLEANING are fully trained cleaners who provide great service at a competitive price.  We offer commercial window cleaning using our unique methods to suit your needs. Our great service includes:

  1. Pure water technology
  2. Flexible time
  3. Prompt and friendly cleaners

Pure water technology

Get your windows properly cleaned with our Reach & Wash cleaning system without setting up rope access, ladders, scaffolding or hiring an elevated work platform (EWP).  We can safely clean even the highest windows that are in difficult locations from the ground up to a height of 12.5 metres.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING uses pure water technology to ensure a spotless shine on your windows.  This technology is perfect to save you and your business time and  money.

Flexible time

Working flexible hours means we can come before you open to be as unobtrusive as possible, starting early or even when you are closed.

Having clean windows lets more light into your building, making your displays shine and become more striking to your clients.  Properly cleaned windows play a very important role in your business premises creating an elegant appeal which attracts more customers helping to improve your business.

Prompt and friendly cleaners

All our cleaners are prompt and professional, able to address all your concerns and questions anytime you need.  We are skillful cleaners that you can rely on to keep your windows in tiptop condition.

Do you do commercial window cleaning?

Let us clean your windows so you can rest assured they are in good hands.

If you have any questions or to book your window cleaning, call Peter at Modern WINDOW CLEANING on 0437 882 741 to discuss your window cleaning needs and book an appointment. We offer a variety of window cleaning services to suit your needs.

Servicing Australind, Bunbury, Bunkers Bay, Busselton, Dunsborough, Eagle Bay, Margaret River through to Augusta and back as far as Harvey. Call Peter today.


Window cleaner in DunsboroughLooking for the best professional window cleaning service? Your search ends here. Modern WINDOW CLEANING offers guaranteed high quality cleaning service to extend the life of your windows. We are your best professional window cleaner!

Reasons to get window cleaning service from us:

  1. Reach and wash system
  2. Pure water technology
  3. Large range of cleaning services
  4. Local company

Reach and wash system

Modern WINDOW CLEANING offers Reach & Wash window cleaning system to save you time and money. This cleaning method can improve your lifestyle as it eliminates the need for ladders, scaffolding and Elevated Work Platform (EWP), preventing any accidents during the cleaning period.

This method helps you clean previously inaccessible windows from the ground up to 4 storys with approximately 12.5 metres high. This method leaves a spotless finish on your windows, giving an elegant look that lasts longer.

Pure water technology

Using only 100% pure water, we can assure no residue will be left on the window surfaces to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew. Without using chemicals or detergent, you can ensure healthy lifestyle that won’t cause you any delays. Water is known as the universal solvent so it is guaranteed the safest technology to use for window cleaning.

Large range of cleaning services

Modern WINDOW CLEANING offers a wide variety of cleaning service options to suit your needs. We offer cost effective services such as residential, commercial, shopping centres, schools and resorts window cleaning services in a competitive cost.

Local company

Having complied the relevant Australian standards, we pride ourselves to provide you excellent cleaning service that can prolong the life of your windows and reduce cleaning job, perfect to save you time and money.

Who is the best professional window cleaner in Dunsborough?

At Modern WINDOW CLEANING of course.

Call us on 0437 882 741 to book an appointment today. Ring us now to get a free quote on your needs.