Bunbury Window CleaningPicture this. You’re in a shopping complex and there are two stores opposite each other. One has lovely, crystal clear glass windows; you can see right through to the shop interior and its products, its lighting and its staff. The other store offers the same products, competitively priced, but you wouldn’t know that because you can’t see past the filthy window glass and dirty frames to step foot inside.

Clean windows bring customers, but who has time to clean glass when they’re trying to run a business? While you might think the investment in a quality commercial window cleaner is an expense your growing business cannot afford, here are some reasons as to why you really can’t afford not to!

4 reasons to have your commercial windows cleaned

  • First Impressions Last
  • Clean Work Space = Healthy Work Space
  • Right Person for the Job
  • Safety and Maintenance

Want great window cleaning call MODERN Window CleaningFirst Impressions Last

Sparkling clean windows create a positive impression and impressions matter in business. The ‘face’ of an office or shop-front is reflected in its windows, and their cleanliness (or lack thereof) is an indication of the office/shop standard. Give the best first impression possible!

Clean Work Space = Healthy Work Space

A clean space is a healthy space, especially when it comes to allergens in the air. Windows, frames, sills, panes and screens can all be home to an abundance of bacteria, dirt and mould that is definitely not conducive to a healthy work environment. Indoor air quality impacts both workers and customer health, comfort and ability to interact, with temperature control, ventilation and grime exposure all amongst the contributing factors to creating an enjoyable work environment. Remove these indoor contaminants by cleaning the windows and you provide the best work space for your staff and the best business space for your clients.

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning from the groundRight Person for the Job

You wouldn’t ask a barista to service your car, so don’t ask your staff to clean the windows. Commercial window cleaning is a specialised responsibility and carries with it its own risks and regulations. Asking your staff to clean the windows when they have other tasks to perform decreases productivity and takes away focus from their designated tasks, so keep your targets on track and leave the big jobs to the professionals.

Safety and Maintenance

If you can see out of, or in through, a window, you’ll see what’s coming or where you are going. Simple safety. Hiring commercial window cleaners to clean your business windows not only ensures the safety of your staff and your clients, but it meets the proper maintenance requirements of operating a business and meeting lease requirements. The use of professionals also means the job is performed correctly and within safety standards.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING services are a prime solution for all your commercial window cleaning needs. Enhance your business ‘face’ and call us today on 0437 882 741.